Private Labeling

Private Labelling with AzmaBiotech

AzmaBiotech is a leading private, contract manufacturer for natural health products in Canada. 

With products served to over 1,000,000 clients and distributed to customers spanning 6 continents, our manufacturing, production and business consultation teams are eager to understand and build upon your new or current business’ needs.

Using an adapted version of next-generation encapsulation technology and certified sourcing partners, allow us to help you create the perfect product to achieve your mission of spreading health across the globe for the best price! 

Private Labelling

Hundred of selections with over $30 Billion USD in current market value.

Customizable features with professional design and business consulting.

Custom Formulations

Meet with our Chief Science Officer and biotechnology and nutraceutical professionals one-on-one and create custom formula designs. 

We will guide you through the entire process and be your personal science and business consultants!

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Why partner with AzmaBiotech?

AzmaBiotech was founded by experts with over 50 years of executive experience in the industry. During that time we learned three things: quality was of little found value across the industry, customer service and experience was not at the forefront of each brand’s mission, and minimal emphasis was placed on sourcing and trust within the industry either between businesses or with their customers. 

Essentially, AzmaBiotech was founded upon the ideal motives that every producer of health products should instill throughout their customers and their own people. The same way we want our customers to have the best product and will go to great lengths to create the perfect product based on their needs, we want the same for YOU and YOUR customers.

Learn about our company’s mission statement and history here.


Our customers are at the helm

All companies say they are about the community, the people, the mission. However, when we say that our clientele is the primary drive of our company, we mean it. When our customers asked for high-quality ingredients with transparent sourcing details, we provided. When our customers asked for alternative GMO free and certified organic herbal ingredients, we made it! That is how AzmaBiotech came to be, by serving our customers, literally.

Our core values will always be the same: deliver what our customers want and need, and that includes you, our future partners! Regardless of what experience you bring, where you are from, or what your motives are we are here to help! 

Our knowledge is your knowledge, and never fear becoming lost as guidance will always be provided. From day one you will receive personalized experience from our chief scientists, engineers and business consultants the moment you walk through the door. 

Our specialties:

Our collective years of industry experience has allowed us to come up with the ultimate formulation processes and components of nearly every natural health product on the market. We have been able to find and source top-tier ingredients and develop methods of delivering these products to the market at an affordable price.

By utilizing our services we can save you costs in every area from conception to fulfillment. Some of our production services include:

  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Mineral Bio-complexes
  • Probiotics and Synbiotics
  • Certified Organic Herbs 
  • Algae products and other Superfoods
  • Fertility Supplements
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Pharmaceutical Alternatives

Our experience becomes your experience

We will guide you through processes such as:

  • Bottling requirements
  • Getting FDA approval and other certifications
  • Label design and printing
  • Marketing strategies
  • Fulfillment Services
  • and much more!

Next-Generation Encapsulation Technology

With full access to AzmaBiotech’s state-of-the-art production technology, get the full custom experience to design the supplement you want. Have your products coated with up to 4 layers of bio-active compounds for extended shelf-life without any preservatives! Products are coated with 100% vegan ingredients that were designed to have internal contents guaranteed to last up to 24 months at the same quality as the day it was produced with no necessary refrigeration. 

Hurdles, not barriers

We understand what you are looking for, and that is what WE are looking — only the best. We guarantee our sources will outperform the sources of any competitors and are willing to match quality at any level. We are happy to work with you to discuss sourcing options as well having all products third-party tested. 

Although we can’t guarantee that we can deliver the next cure for a disease, we will give you what your customers want, and that is the confidence of knowing exactly what is contained in each of the products we make. All our services will come with a few guarantees that we will help you achieve together.