About Us

Who Are We?

AzmaBiotech is a GMP and FDA-registered natural health product manufacturer in Canada. We believe that natural dietary supplements can help you attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With extensive research and cutting-edge development procedures, we have managed to create a line of dietary supplements with certified ingredients that will bring positive change to your daily life.

Our Customers are our Strength

At AzmaBiotech, we value customer relationships with the understanding that trust, communication, and results are central to our continued growth as a company. Our company was established to fill a gap in the market, offering unique products that were previously unavailable.

Professionalism as the Foundation for Long-term Growth

Despite our humble origins, we have found success by keeping the interests of our customers at heart. We recognize the significant responsibility of providing health products to our devoted customers. Therefore, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality in every aspect of our operations.

None of this would have been possible without the continuous support and feedback provided by you! We take pride in every product that we manufacture and guarantee our commitment to the highest standards of professionalism in order to continue our standard of excellence and innovation.

Our Founder


Saba Mojarad, Director & CEO


As CEO and Founder of Azmabiotech, I, Saba Mojarad, am passionately committed to leading our firm to new heights. With a PhD in Biomedical Science and Human Physiology, I bring a unique blend of academic and industry expertise to our innovative health products. My 15+ years in bioprocessing have shaped a strategic vision tailored to the evolving health and wellness sector. I am dedicated to quality and innovation, striving to enhance human health with our innovative probiotic technology, natural vitamins and health supplements. Join us on this journey to optimize your  health.


Saba Mojarad

CEO & Co-Founder, Azmabiotech