About Us

Azmabiotech Biography

AzmaBiotech is a GMP and FDA-registered natural health product manufacturer with a diverse product line. We believe that natural dietary supplements can help you attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our high-quality, natural products can assist healthy individuals who care about their health and wish to extend their lifetime and improve their quality of life. To do this, we develop only the highest quality products using natural components. With cutting-edge research and extensive development, we manufacture and develop a wide range of products that deliver research-backed, explicitly stated benefits in a safe environment.

Who we are?!

Our company is governed by a board of directors that includes a CEO, Director, and COO who all have Ph.D.s in Industrial Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering, respectively. The board members have substantial industrial and managerial expertise in the industrial biotechnology and nutraceutical business, including managements, project leadership, microalgae, probiotic culture, bioreactors, among other things. The CEO has a background in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing Engineering, as well as extensive research, experimental, and field experience, and his project management talents provide significant leadership benefits to this project. In addition, his twenty years of experience as a chief scientific officer (AlgaeCan Canada) and Chief executive officer (Algaetech International) in various countries has led him to enjoy getting involved in challenging and complex business for managing complex sources of data that necessitate in-depth critical thinking and reviewing the impact to the department and organisation. The project's timetable, budget, project objectives, and risk management are all defined by the strategy director. With more than ten years of experience in cellular and molecular physiology research, isolation, purification, characterization, optimization, scaling-up, scaling-down, Freeze-drying, Spray-drying, Oilextraction, by-products purification, bioreactors operation, valuable products downstream processing, industrial production of besides several technical publications in Bioprocessing engineering and patent new method for bioprocessing valuable products from microorganisms with more than ten years of experience in cellular and biology In this project, he defines subtasks, oversees, and directs the development teams. Azmabiotech organisation is led by a Saba Mojarad director with over 15 years of expertise in university research projects leading and the bioindustries science background. Saba establishes the organization's strategy in order to connect it with government objectives and advantages to the public. Our director's key responsibilities include budget allocations, goal planning, and top-management oversight. She contributes financial resources and strategic partners from North America and other parts of the world to this endeavour. Our mission is to provide high-quality natural goods for health-conscious people who want to live longer and better lives. To that aim, we exclusively use natural components to create the best quality goods. Each supplement undergoes cutting-edge research and thorough development before being released, with each one designed to provide research-backed, clearly defined advantages while being safe. These supplements have received an outpouring of enthusiastic feedback from an ever-growing client base of health-conscious, ecologically concerned people in a variety of nations across the world.

Our Strength & Our Costumers

At Azmabiotech ltd, we value customer relationships with the understanding that trust, communication, and delivered results are central to our continued growth as a company. Our company was born out of an existing void in the market for the products which we now produce. Environmentally minded, health-conscious individuals demanded supplements to support their healthy lifestyles and so we came to be. We hope to continue to grow through guidance by our customers. Continuous delivery of only the highest quality niche products not supported by any other company in the market is our plan of action.

Professionalism as the foundation for long term growth…

Despite our humble origins, a solid foundation in scientific research, a thorough understanding of the product void in the current market, and professional application have enabled us to grow rapidly in a relatively short period of time. Azmabiotech ltd is a company with massive goals. None of this would have been possible without the continuous support and feedback provided by you, our customers! We take pride in every product that we manufacture. And guarantee our commitment to the highest standards of professionalism in order to continue in this trend of excellence and innovation.