About Us

Who Are We?

AzmaBiotech is a GMP and FDA-registered natural health product manufacturer in Canada. We believe that natural dietary supplements can help you attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With extensive research and cutting-edge development procedures, we have managed to create a line of dietary supplements with certified ingredients that will bring positive change to your daily life.

Our Costumers are our Strength

At AzmaBiotech, we value customer relationships with the understanding that trust, communication, and results are central to our continued growth as a company. Our company was born out of an existing void in the market for the products which we now produce.

Environmentally- and health-conscious individuals demanded supplements to support the lifestyles they desired, and so, we came to be. We hope to continue to grow through our customers' guidance and continuous delivery of only the highest quality and niche products to people of all types all over the world.

Professionalism as the Foundation for Long-term Growth

Despite our humble origins, we have found success by keeping the interests of our customers at heart. We understand the being the providers of health products for our loyal customers is a major responsibility and we will stop at nothing to ensure that we maintain the utmost level of quality in everything we do.

None of this would have been possible without the continuous support and feedback provided by you, our customers! We take pride in every product that we manufacture and guarantee our commitment to the highest standards of professionalism in order to continue our standard of excellence and innovation.

Our Founders

Mojtaba Azma, CEO

Dr. Azma earned his Ph.D. in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing Engineering and has extensive experience performing academic research and within the nutraceutical industry. 

As the former Chief Scientific Officer of AlgaeCan Canada and CEO of Algaetech International, Dr. Azma became an expert in the manufacturing and development processes of organic health products and supplements. During his time working in the field he realized the many shortcomings of the low-quality yet high-promising products on the market. 

Combining his passion for health and wellbeing and in-depth knowledge in the industry, he founded AzmaBiotech in 2013 with the goal of educating and improving the daily lives of people all over the world.

Connect with Dr. Azma at azma@azmabiotech.ca

Saba Mojarad, Director and COO

Previously serving as the Chief R&D Specialist and Medical Science Liaison at AzmaBiotech, Saba Mojarad became an expert in project oversight and development at our Vancouver, BC manufacturing plant. 

With over 15 years in the bioprocessing industry and extensive research experience in cell and molecular physiology, her expertise has been crucial to the successful implementation of our brand’s strategies and outreach to new territories.

Her ability to oversee productions and maintain adherence to quality-assurance procedures has allowed this company to reach new levels of growth. By establishing strong relationships with partners in the government and private sector, we have been able to establish trust with our partners, and, most importantly, our customers through her leadership.

Connect with Saba at saba@azmabiotech.ca