Our Services

Private Labelling

Whether you are just starting a supplement brand or have been in the industry for years, AzmaBiotech is eager to partner with you! We specialize in making high-quality health supplements from organic sources using state-of-the-art encapsulation technology. By utilizing this technology we make your products competitive with larger companies for an affordable price.

With over 150 formula options available for you to choose from, we can provide exactly the product you are looking for, from amino acids for athletes to skin care and beauty supplements. 

Choose from our successful formulas with over $40 Billion in market value or create your own. Regardless of what you choose, our team will guide you through the entire process from ensuring your design is up to specifications and bringing it to market.

White label

White labelling is an easy option to turn your personal brand into the market of nutrition supplements! You simply select one of our FDA-approved and licensed products and rebrand with one easy purchase. All of our products were developed by a team of health and nutrition professionals in partnership with sources providing the highest-quality ingredients available on the market. With our top-tier products, marketing your personal brand will become that much easier as no other brands can compete with the transparency and quality you provide at your price.

Our formulas contain the most marketable and trending ingredients available, with a full research and development team in-house to provide you with all the resources you need to make this your own. 

We have flexible options for companies and brands of all types and can make adaptations to meet your needs. 

Take advantage of AzmaBiotech’s stock formulas to level-up you personal health brand. With one simple payment, have your branded health and nutrition supplements at your door or on the shelves of your favourite store. 

  • Low minimum purchases
  • Speedy production and packaging
  • FDA-approved and comes with all product and manufacturing certifications 
  • Proven sales record

Custom formulas

If one of our stock formulas does not fit your needs our product development team will happily meet with you and discuss how we can deliver exactly what you are looking for. Choose from a wide variety of ingredients ranging from vitamins and vitamin complexes to natural herbal remedies accessible in only certain parts of the world. 

Our research and development team will work with you to create the product you have envisioned and ensure it has what it takes to not only get all its certifications to take it to market but also comes with all the competitive advantages to make you and your product successful!

For 15 years, we have specialized in creating formulas based off the requests of our loyal customers. When they asked for a 100% organic herbal supplement for joint pain, we delivered. When our clients wanted an all-access resource to learn about our ingredients and third-party test results, we provided! 

Learn more about Private Labelling with AzmaBiotech HERE.

Supplement Manufacturing

Is your supplement brand looking to increase production or expand your market into new territory? Then work with AzmaBiotech!

We produce up to 10,000,000 capsules everyday and each and every one is third party tested and up to specifications to be approved in markets all across North America, Europe and Asia. 

Using state-of the art technology, we are able to produce the highest quality capsules in the industry. As long-time members of the nutraceutical industry we understand the pain of having to keep up with industry standards and have been able to successfully modernize and adapt every year! All so that you no longer have too. 

Come and visit our manufacturing plant in BC, Canada! We are proud to show off our next-generation technology and good manufacturing practice!

Label design and printing

AzmaBiotech boasts of a talented art conception and design team! Our team members work closely with our scientists to ensure that all product designs meet FDA standards.

Our process includes three rounds of editing and a final approval going through our chief scientist. Our dedicated team will ensure your private label is your own and not subject to copyright infringement.

Most importantly, our team has spent years making label designs and know the nuances of meeting standards and achieving FDA approval of its contents. Therefore, we have put together the ultimate scientific and artistic team to create the best label designs that will make your products irresistible!

It is easy to put a label on a product, and even easier to make claims that you think people will want to buy, however, doing this the correct way can be painstaking. 

Our team of analytical chemists and biotechnologists work every day to ensure our products do in fact meet our label claim values, an issue costing this industy over $2 billion annually in lawsuits alone. Having 25 years in the industry we have learned the importance of meeting these standards for our customers and particularly for ourselves. Our clients are the ones that brought us here, therefore we know it is our responsibility to continue to provide the high-quality products they ask for. 

Work with our scientific, artistic and marketing team to make your custom labels visible all across the world.

License Application Consulting

Licensing and regulations in Canada can be of the most arduous processes for natural health product businesses to overcome. With hundreds of pages of confusing language and managing licenses for numerous products can lead to missed specifications and accidentally going against regulations. When things like this occur it can lead to fees, delays and millions of dollars in lost revenue. 

Our Chief Executive at AzmaBiotech have over 45 years combined working with Health Canada and ensuring each and every product goes through its due diligence. 

If you are an existing business, connect with our executives and we can provide you with the information you need to bring your products to market in Canada. 

We will prepare your new or existing products to federal standards to take to market and grow your business. Reach out to speak with our business development specialists for more information.

For new businesses this can be an even greater challenge, so we will help you take your new products and make sure it goes through its due process or can help you make necessary adaptations to bring you success in the Canadian health market, one of the biggest in the world. 

Some of our License Consulting Services include:

  • Preparation of product license applications for NHNs
  • Detailed review of product formulations
  • Cost-benefit analysis of product adaptations and development
  • French and English translations of product labels
  • Overview of product label and website information
  • Management of post-approval changes and adaptations to products or product labels
  • Facility management and production licensing. 
  • and much more!

Encapsulation and Bottling

We at AzmaBiotech boast of our encapsulation technology. With this technology we can provide the capsules of the highest quality on the market for brands of all sizes to be able to compete in a saturated market. 

All of our products and ingredients are third-party tested, something you and your customers will appreciate. 

One of our many specialties is in micro-encapsulation of probiotics for increased environmental stability, extended shelf life and guaranteed high-viability with no refrigeration for up to 24 months. 

By utilizing our encapsulation system you stay up to date with the newest technology and will know your products will always adhere to the current natural health product guidelines and requirements.


Our encapsulation technology consists of four layers plus freeze-dried, each layer with their specific purpose and specially-designed compound. With our encapsulation process, we can achieve higher viability of cells (for probiotics) and higher rate of delivery into the body. 

Each layer will selectively dissolve at a certain rate to allow for the greatest absorption in the body, increasing the products effectiveness and higher success rate. With this one advantage, your products will be competitive among similar products all for the same price. 

Additionally, with the multi-layer sequence, provide your customers with an extended shelf life and a higher viability at that shelf life. In other words, not only will your products work better initially, but will maintain that effectiveness after longer periods of time compared to those of your competitors which will lose effectiveness far before.

Government Approved Bottling Services

All of our facilities and equipment are GMP licensed and registered. If you are looking for top-tier encapsulation and bottling services, look no further as AzmaBiotech is eager to perform your services and meet your bottling needs. 

We ensure that all processes meet health and retailer guidelines. We offer:

  • Resealable, childproof packaging
  • Shelf and environment stability with minimum life of 24 months guaranteed
  • Spill and handling proof bottles
  • Various sizing options

Clean Room Designing

With over 45 years of experience designing and operating supplement manufacturing centres and risk level 1-3 testing laboratories, our scientist will help you install and maintain a clean room with full procedures for your work space and production sites.

Microparticles and other airborne contaminants have the potential to travel large distances and remain on surfaces for years. Product recall due to contaminants cost the industry billions of dollars annually. Many of these instances being avoidable should simple operating procedures have been in place.

Cross contamination of substances between products is also a hazard that can cost manufacturers millions of dollars should the proper cleanliness details not be implemented. 

Utilize AzmaBiotech’s Clean Design system and ensure the safety of your company and your customers. Reach out to learn more of our clean design services!