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Private Labelling

At AzmaBiotech, we are passionate about forging partnerships, whether you’re launching a new supplement brand or expanding an established one. Our commitment to excellence is showcased in our production of premium health supplements from natural sources, using advanced encapsulation technology. This approach positions your products competitively in the market at a fair price point.

Our extensive catalog features over 150 formula options, catering to a broad range of needs from athletic supplements to beauty and skincare. You have the choice to select from our market-proven formulas or to create or provide us with your own unique formulation. Our dedicated team will support you every step of the way, from perfecting your design to successfully launching your product in the market.

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White label

White labeling with AzmaBiotech offers a straightforward path to launch your brand in the natural supplement market. Choose from our range of FDA-approved products, rebrand them easily, and gain a competitive edge with high-quality, transparently sourced ingredients. Our products are developed by health professionals using top-tier ingredients, ensuring your brand stands out. We provide marketable, trending formulas and an in-house R&D team to tailor products to your vision. Flexible options for various company sizes are available, simplifying your entry into the health and nutrition space with AzmaBiotech’s proven formulas.


  • Wide Range of Purchase Requirements
  • Rapid Turnaround for Production and Packaging
  • FDA Approval and Comprehensive Certification
  • Demonstrated Sales Success

Custom formulas

If our existing formulas don’t meet your needs, our product development team is ready to collaborate with you to create an innovative solution. Our range includes a variety of unique ingredients, from vitamins and minerals to rare Ayurvedic remedies. We’ll work closely with you to ensure your product not only meets market certifications but also holds competitive advantages for success. With 15 years of experience, we can help with your manufacturing and formulating needs. 

Learn more about Private Labelling with AzmaBiotech HERE

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Our Supplement Manufacturing

At AzmaBiotech we excel at manufacturing our own line of supplements, embracing cutting-edge technology to produce millions of high-quality capsules per day. These products undergo stringent third-party testing, ensuring they meet global standards for North America, Europe, and Asia. Our extensive experience in the nutraceutical industry guides our commitment to continual modernization and adaptation, ensuring we consistently meet and exceed industry standards. This dedication allows us to provide top-tier supplements within our own line, reflecting our expertise and innovation in the health and wellness sector.

We are a proudly Canadian facility located in the heart of Squamish BC, Canada! 

Label design and printing

AzmaBiotech’s skilled art and design team works in tandem with our scientists to ensure all product designs adhere to FDA standards. The process involves multiple editing rounds and final approval by our chief scientists. 

This team, experienced in label design and FDA compliance, excels in crafting distinctive, copyright-compliant labels that enhance the appeal of your products. Our blend of scientific insight and artistic expertise sets the stage for creating compelling label designs that will help you stand out in the market.

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Creating accurate and compelling product labels involves more than just aesthetics; it requires scientific integrity. At AzmaBiotech, our team of analytical chemists and biotechnologists rigorously ensures our products meet label claims, a vital task in an industry where inaccuracies can be costly. With 15 years of experience, we understand the importance of meeting standards for both our customers and our own principles. Partner with us, and let our scientific, artistic, and marketing teams help your custom labels gain global visibility.

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Expert License Application Consulting

Navigating Canada’s complicated natural health product regulations can be complex, with countless detailed requirements potentially leading to costly errors. At AzmaBiotech, our executives are experts in collaborating with Health Canada to ensure comprehensive compliance for each product. We offer guidance to businesses aiming to enter the Canadian market, ensuring products meet federal standards. For tailored assistance, our business development specialists are available to help optimize your product for market success.

 Some of our License Consulting Services include:
  • Product License Application Preparation for Natural Health Products (NHPs)
  • Comprehensive Review of Product Formulations
  • Analysis of Cost and Benefits for Product Development and Adaptations
  • Bilingual Product Label Translations (French and English)
  • Overview and Verification of Product Label and Website Content
  • Management of Post-Approval Product and Label Modifications
  • Licensing and Oversight of Facility Management and Production
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