January 8, 2019

Impressive health benefits associated with Chlorella

by Saba | in AzmaBiotech

Chlorella has been around for the duration of human existence but awareness of its nutritional properties began less than 100 years ago. As the population of the world has continued to rise exponentially, economists feared that global food production may not be sufficient to meet the demand. Thus, one of the foremost concerns for food scientists is sustainable alternative sources of nutrition. Chlorella is a green-colored algae that can be harvested similar to the vegetables and fruit that we purchase at the grocery store. Chlorella growing techniques vary, but the best quality is grown naturally in outdoor tanks that are continuously monitored for purity. Chlorella is believed to aid neurontin 400mg cardiovascular health, improve http://psychicevents.co.uk/news/ endocrine system/hormone Voorhout function, Seroquel toronto lower blood pressure levels, and lower cholesterol levels. In addition, this algae superfood is filled with phytonutrients that work to detox heavy metals from the body. All of this sounds amazing! Chlorella contributes to youthful growth and tissue repair, helps balance pH levels, chelates heavy metals, encourages the growth of friendly bacteria, amongst other things. It can even help freshen your breath!!!

What follows is a summary of the health benefits associated with Chlorella:


Powerful Detox Tool: Heavy metal toxicity, including cadmium and lead toxicity, is a problem facing the residents of many developed countries around the world. Unnaturally high levels of harmful substances which are now prevalent in our environment enter our bodies through our foods, drinking and bathing water. These also include fluoride, chlorine and trace amounts of numerous heavy metals. Chlorella has the unique ability to bind to and allow for easier removal of heavy metals from the body. Therefore, taking chlorella on a regular basis can help stop heavy metals from accumulating in the body and causing damage[1]. Studies show that chlorella is effective at removing harmful compounds including heavy metals like lead from the body allowing the better function of the body’s immune system. Lead removal of Chlorella made researcher to attribute this superfood to “Chlorella’s strong chelation properties” [2]. Researchers found that chlorella counteracted heavy metal poisoning and prevented tissue damage by reducing the absorption of cadmium into the body, through chelating to facilitate removal [3]. We are exposed to these pollutants in our air, our water, our food, and the consumer products we purchase. It’s important to give your body the resources it needs to prevent pollutants from harming your health. Chlorella is a fantastic food supplement that boosts the body’s immune system and helps prevent heavy metal-related illnesses. Alcohol, though widely consumed, also has negative properties. Chlorella has also been found to promote the metabolism of alcohol in humans to minimize its detrimental effects. A study performed on human subjects found that consuming chlorella before drinking alcohol reduced blood and breath ethanol content post-consumption and reduced acetaldehyde in the blood; a major cause of hangovers [4].

Immune System Boost: Chlorella has been found to stimulate the production of several cell types critical to immune system function. Two studies showed that short-term supplementation with Chlorella caused marked improvements in immune system function after just one month and even more significant improvement following two months of use.
Dioxins are environmentally available toxins that can be transferred from the mother to suckling infant through breast milk. Chlorella has been found to stimulate the antibody content of breast milk, helping to eliminate dioxins and minimize transfer of these toxins to infants.

Lowering of Cholesterol: Multiple studies have demonstrated the ability of Chlorella to aid in improving lipid-related biomarkers. In patients with above average cholesterol levels, Chlorella supplementation helped reduce both cholesterol and triglycerides content of the blood. Researchers attribute these health benefits to the high levels of carotenoids α-carotene and lutein/zeaxanthin in Chlorella. There have also been studies indicating that Chlorella is beneficial in helping to reduce total body fat and regulate blood glucose levels.

Blood Pressure Regulation: Chlorella contains an abundance of micronutrients and antioxidants that function to maintain healthy arteries. These nutrients help reduce arterial stiffness – a problem commonly associated with high blood pressure. These nutrients help reduce arterial stiffness research suggests that chlorella improves arterial health by increasing nitric oxide levels. Research on both younger and older individuals has shown that Chlorella supplementation may increase nitric oxide levels, helping to regulate blood pressure in populations of a wide range of ages.

Improved Aerobic Endurance: Chlorella’s ability to increase oxygen uptake capacity was studied in both young men and women, where peak oxygen utilization was improved in both groups. These findings suggest that consuming Chlorella could be beneficial to those who participate in sports requiring significant aerobic endurance.


How to Supplement Chlorella?

Most people find Chlorella algae more palatable than its cousin algae, Spirulina. Some people even love the taste! It has a very “green” flavor but is easier to chew than spirulina and is much less bitter. Chlorella may be an acquired taste and you may prefer instead to take an AzmaBiotech Chlorella with some water as a tasteless alternative.
Tablets often range from 500 mg up to 1 g in weight. We also recommend the easier to swallow 500 mg capsules which can be used by children and adults alike.

Chlorella growing techniques vary, but the best chlorella is grown naturally in outdoor tanks and monitored continuously for purity. While we cannot presume to speak for the entire industry, the AzmaBiotech Chlorella growing method is all natural and completely organic. We use no artificial chemicals or pesticides. The Algae is grown in pristine, freshwater tanks, it is then harvested and dried and pressed into capsules. Our chlorella is tested to ensure 100% purity at all stages of growth and preparation; the capsules purchase from AzmaBiotech contain 100% pure, organic Chlorella, just as nature intended!


Processing Chlorella?

Chlorella’s cell wall is one of the hardest in the plant kingdom; in order to make its nutrients digestible, that cell wall must be opened. When you are looking for the best chlorella algae on the market it is so important to know how the chlorella’s cell wall is processed. The best way to break Chlorella’s cell wall is by utilizing high-frequency sound vibrations, in this way the Algae can be passed a sound chamber to crack the cell walls without utilizing more invasive heat, chemicals, or grinding methods (such as milling) that may deteriorate the nutrients within the cells. We highly recommend knowing how your Chlorella is processed before buying supplements from any company, if details are not provided, the supplement may have very little if any nutritional benefit.

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