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The Milk Booster Probiotics contains a proprietary blend of moringa, fenugreek, milk thistle, and anise, as well as 7 strains of probiotics. While soothing you and your baby’s digestive system, this product promotes healthy lactation and milk production in breastfeeding women. Besides supporting lactation, it promotes a rich, steady flow to help in delivering milk to the baby.

Supplement Facts

Other Ingredients: Hypromellose (veggie capsule)

About the Product 

By supporting the female gut microbiome, this dietary and probiotic supplement will uplift mom’s production of crucial immunoglobulins and nutrient-dense milk. Also, by reducing inflammatory chemicals a healthier state of the innate immune system can be achieved which will lessen toxin and heavy metal levels within the blood. Ultimately, this will abate the exposure of toxins that can potentially transfer from mother to baby and negatively impact baby’s health and development.

Plant-based hormone regulator and aphrodisiac

The Fenugreek plant has been used repeatedly in history to support female health and improve the bodily processes in new and expecting mothers. Its unique set of proteins and metabolically active dietary fibres interact with multiple hormone-related processes within humans. Its extract has the ability to create natural improvements in breast milk production while also aiding in the relief of menstrual pain and increasing sex drive. 

Lactation stimulation

Similarly, milk thistle acts as a metabolic stimulant that promotes milk production in addition to having a variety of innate medical attributes such as hepatoprotectant (liver support) and anticarcinogenic properties. It is believed to interact with the production of prolactin which leads to a significant increase in milk production in lactating mothers. 

The milk thistle extract is an active ingredient with unique properties to support bone mineralization which has many implications in treating osteoporosis, but, more importantly, as a dietary supplement that strengthens bones in malnourished individuals. Healthy bones are an important aspect of motherhood as well as in general health and injury prevention and recovery.

Clean and relieve the body

Moringa oleifera leaf possesses properties known to decrease inflammation and pain. Its antioxidative properties allow cells to be protected from damage by toxins or radiation. It is also rich in minerals and vitamins whose effects combine to further help cell repair and protection and improve general health through nutrition.

Promote optimal function of your internal processes

Anise is a popular component in many herbal treatments due to its stimulative properties, particularly for metabolism. Anise is often served to those with upset stomachs for its natural diuretic and stool-loosening properties. Its benefits also extend beyond creating digestive stability as it has been shown to have stress-lowering and sedative properties and improving overall health owing to its medicinal characteristics. 

Probiotics to boost mother and child’s immunity

Milk booster also contains 7 strains of probiotics for 10 billion CFU/g. Having a healthy gut flora is essential for optimal digestive health and adaptive immunity in new mothers. With a healthy digestive system, mother’s will experience greater energy and improved metabolism, which is crucial for producing nutritious milk. Moreover, an optimal gut flora will lead to an enhanced immune system, which will lead to a greater level of maternal antibodies in breast milk which transfer to and protects the developing baby.

Consumer Info

Recommended Use: Nutritive tonic to support milk production in breastfeeding mothers. Increase sexual drive and regulate hormones in new mothers. Boost immune system and overall health of new mothers. stimulate metabolic processes and encourage milk production by increasing overall health.

Directions: Adults: take 2 capsules, 2 times daily. Take at least 2-3 hours before or after taking other medication. Take with food and drink. Stay hydrated throughout the day. 

Duration: For best results, use for a minimum of 3 weeks or until results are seen.


  • Keep away from children.
  • Store in a cool, dry place. May lower blood sugar – if you are diabetic or hypoglycemic, consult with your doctor before use.
  • Hypersensitivity, such as allergy, may occur; in which case, discontinue use. 
  • These statements are not evaluated by the food and drug administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Contraindications: If you have an immune-compromised condition (e.g. AIDS, lymphoma, patients undergoing long-term corticosteroid treatment), do not use this product.

Quality Assurance

Just like humans, all products are different. No one can truly determine which product will serve any given individual best. The importance of doing one’s own research before buying a new supplement cannot be stressed enough. Therefore, we urge all of our customers to do so. This is especially important if what you are seeking is something that will aid a particular aspect of your health. 

You know yourself best. Therefore, the best we can do is ensure that you know exactly what you get when taking our supplements. All we want is for you to understand how each ingredient will serve a specific aspect of your long-term health. That is why we will never make extreme claims or false promises.

That being said, everything we design comes with a few guarantees that we know you will appreciate!

Our supplements are:

  • Free of gluten and artificial colors.
  • Produced in a GMP-certified and FDA registered facility in Canada.
  • Health Canada-approved third-party testing to ensure potency and quality
  • Packaged in vegetable capsules.
Third Party Tested

Our mission at Azmabiotech is to help people live longer, happier and healthier lives. Each and every batch of Azmabiotech’s Milk Booster Probiotics formula is manufactured in CANADA in a GMP-certified facility and is a third-party laboratory tested to guarantee a high purity, potency, and premium quality. This formula has been manufactured without soy, gluten, milk, egg, wheat, peanuts, or shellfish. They also don’t include preservatives, artificial ingredients, fillers, chemicals or color additives. Each bottle is produced in CANADA in compliance strict GMP guidelines, using imported and domestic ingredients; this great supplement is designed for women who want to enhance their health.

Professionally approved formula

Azmabiotech Milk Booster Probiotics capsules were expertly formulated with high quality ingredients to support women and new mothers. Plus, this exclusive formula is recommended and approved by physicians so you can feel confident knowing you’re getting a quality dietary supplement to keep you feeling your best year-round.


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What are the health benefits of fenugreek?

Fenugreek has many commercial uses but none comparable to the potential health benefits it brings to both men and women. Fenugreek has been used for its multitude of benefits regulating blood sugar, increasing testosterone in males and boosting milk production in females. Fenugreek is high in minerals such as iron and magnesium and high in protein and fibre. The fibre content is good for improved digestion. 


For many women, producing sufficient amounts of milk for their growing baby is difficult, therefore having natural remedies to insufficient milk production is pivotal for their baby’s well-being and themselves. Using baby formula is often shown to reduce the amount of mother’s antibodies and slow development of the baby. Therefore, being able to produce large quantities of healthy breast milk is essential for the baby.

Probiotics do not enter the breast milk nor do they directly induce production of breast milk in breast-feeding mothers. Therefore probiotics are not only safe to take when breast-feeding, but are important for the mother’s overall health. New mothers often lack an adequate diet which may lead to diminished health and lower nutrient contents in the breast milk. 


Probiotics are a natural health booster as they improve digestive state and lower inflammation. This is crucial for healthy and abundant milk production in females. Probiotics are also an important way for you to fight off unideal bacteria within the gut. By improving the overall digestive health of the mother, taking probiotics are a natural way to promote healthy and abundant lactation.

Milk thistle does not affect the quality of breast milk. Milk thistle is galactogogue, meaning that it helps promote lactation in breast-feeding mothers. This herb produces a compound known as silymarin, which promotes lactation activity within the body. 


Taking milk thistle when breast-feeding is safe for both the mother and baby as it is a natural milk production enhancer. Minimal side effects are known from the use of milk thistle.

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